Business Immigration

There are various ways of immigrating to Canada as an investor or entrepreneur both on federal and provincial levels. Generally:

  • Business immigrant applicants are selected primarily on the basis of their ability to create jobs for themselves and other Canadians leading to national and regional economic development
  • Requirements vary depending on the subcategory
  • Business immigrant applicants must show that they have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family members for at least one year after arriving in Canada
  • As with all immigrants, the same admissibility requirements apply to business immigration applicants and their family members

Business Immigration Classes

Applicants under a business immigration program usually do not apply through Express Entry. Visa officers usually examine the application to ensure the applicant meets the statutory requirements and selection criteria: they examine business and financial background, and evaluate the soundness of business plans in Canada (if applicable). There are two business immigration categories with their associated subcategories as follows:

Business Assessment